Website redesigns in Wellington, New Zealand


Content management

We use SilverStripe as the content management system of choice for our websites. Designed and developed in Wellington, SilverStripe is the most widely used and trusted content management system for government websites around New Zealand.

SilverStripe allows us to implement requested functionality with relative ease and is less restrictive then the likes of Wordpress and Drupal in terms of what can be achieved within a short time frame.

Content management system features

  • Login and make changes to your website for no additional cost
  • Add, edit, shuffle, and remove pages with ease
  • Add carousels, sliders, galleries and many other components
  • Add customised complex and simple contact forms
  • Change site details, colours, logos and information

Easy to use

Designed with non technical users in mind, our content management system is simple to learn and easy to use.


Add pages, text, images and video. Saving drafts and publishing content has never been easier.


You can add content authors, administrators, change permissions and reset passwords with ease.